Software for care and social services

Are care and social services the only sectors that rely on people rather than software? We think they need both: a person who can complete their care and social work at full capacity because a software enables them to perform efficiently and flexibly.

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myneva makes care and support easier

Supporting, caring for and nursing people is a special challenge. As a carer, you're required to create and implement individual care and support plans. At the same time, you must continuously evaluate and adapt care measures and social work services. myneva supports you with digital functions for outpatient care and welfare so that you can maintain a high quality of work, even under the pressure of time and resource constraints.

Customised care and support plans

Create care and support plans that are tailored to the specific needs of care recipients and clients.

Record and manage client information

Use myneva to keep your client and cared-for person data up to date and easily accessible at all times.

Care history and diagnoses

With myneva solutions, medical details and reports are visible and accessible to all authorised persons.

Monitoring and documentation of care progress

Errors and misunderstandings in social work no longer stand a chance when you document information digitally.

Communication and coordination

Coordinate with other carers and medical staff regarding your clients virtually.

Standardised care processes

Optimise repetitive processes. This allows you to achieve consistent quality in outpatient care.

"An important prerequisite for successful implementation was the relevant nursing expertise, which acts as an important building block for the connection between medical and pedagogical documentation."

Barbara Schlosser

Head of Education, Caritas Vienna

"With myneva we have found the exact software service provider we were looking for, and we were and are grateful that the choice has been 100% confirmed."

Sabine Leihmlehner

Head of Communication, Heilstollen


Carry out care and support efficiently

Document data on the spot and optimise your route planning in outpatient and inpatient care – on the move and on any device.

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React flexibly

Easily reorganise plans in the event of work absences, taking into account qualification and staffing levels.

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Improve the quality of care

Treat each client in the way that is best for them. The software will lead the way.

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Reduce workload in nursing and care

Thanks to myneva, carers can catch a break without compromising care.

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Personalisation in client interaction

Every person is different. With myneva, you can capture this individuality within the digital software.

Are you interested in how care and social services can be run with digital support?

I'm happy to advise you on your options with myneva software, personally and free of charge.