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The future of care and social assistance begins now, as we dare to look beyond the status quo. That's why we invest in international innovation projects – we're always on the lookout for new technologies and approaches that make care easier for our customers.

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Stasis is not an option

myneva is constantly striving for new and improved solutions for care and social assistance. We aren't complacent with what we have achieved so far – together with our partners, we are committed to innovation initiatives and research projects across IT and social work. We regularly ask our customers about their satisfaction with myneva and use their valuable feedback to continuously develop our software and services further. The goal: "simplify care" with state-of-the-art digital solutions for carers and those in need of care.


Innovative software tools for more self-determination and well-being

Modern information technologies and artificial intelligence are making possible what we only dreamed of a few years ago: mixed reality systems supporting the cognitive functions of people in need of help. Apps based on artificial intelligence are supporting carers. The Free Walker research project is enabling people with disabilities to move around outdoors independently and safely. We are committed to making helpful technologies like these accessible to all stakeholders in the care and social sector.

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myneva drives progress

As a forward-looking software provider, we are constantly working on new solutions that offer our customers added value.




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Take a look at our products, in which many innovative functions are already a reality today.

Do you find research and development just as exciting as we do? We welcome any suggestions or questions about innovation in the care and social sector.