All care and support processes in one software package

All care and support processes in one software package With the modules included in our complete digital solution, your organisation can map all relevant areas of social work via one software package. This way, functional areas can go hand in hand and a holistic view of the organisation is created. Moreover: things remain clear for everyone involved.

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Make things easy for yourself

The myneva software solution is suitable for all areas of healthcare and social services. Regardless of whether you are planning your daily routes as a care service for the elderly, documenting the care of a child or a disabled person or preparing invoices with social security organisations – our software helps you to do this in the most efficient, high-quality and time-saving way possible.

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Planning is a crucial step in social and care work, as it lays the foundation for high-quality care. It involves creating individualised action plans that take into account the needs and requirements of the people receiving care. myneva can facilitate this process by supporting the creation of detailed care plans, providing automatic reminders of appointments and tasks and improving communication between stakeholders. The software also enables the planning of regular client visits.


Care giving

Create care and support plans tailored to the needs of your clients. With myneva, you always have an overview of current client information, enabling efficient care assessment and diagnosis. The software supports seamless monitoring of care progress, reduces risks, and promotes clear communication and coordination with the nursing staff. Additionally, myneva facilitates the standardization of recurring care processes to ensure consistently high quality in care.



Documentation in care and social work is an essential component to ensure high-quality service continuously. myneva simplifies this process with an intuitive software application that guides care staff through the documentation processes with clear instructions. Create, manage, and share Electronic Patient Records (EPR) in one central location to securely and clearly store all relevant information. With myneva's mobile nursing documentation, caregivers can record activities, progress, and client responses on the go.



Invoicing is an essential part of any social work activity. You issue invoices to clients, institutions and social organisations and coordinate billing with health and care insurance companies. Our specialised myneva software can optimise this process by automating the collection of billing-related data, minimising errors, ensuring compliance with billing standards and providing greater transparency in financial matters.

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Reporting includes the creation of reports and analyses that evaluate the quality of your facility's care and support work and enable you to make evidence-based decisions. Using myneva software makes it easier for you and all care staff to create comprehensive reports, analyse data and identify trends. As a result, your services will improve step by step and you will be able to utilise resources more efficiently.

"An important prerequisite for successful implementation was the relevant nursing expertise, which acts as an important building block for the connection between medical and pedagogical documentation."

Barbara Schlosser

Head of Education, Caritas Vienna

„With myneva, we have found exactly the software service provider we were looking for and we were and are grateful that the choice was 100% confirmed.“

Sabine Leihmlehner

Head of Communications, Heilstollen

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