Digital reporting and quality management in care

myneva software solutions help you to proactively control and optimise your social instiutions reporting. Digitise your quality management with advanced analysis and reporting functions.

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Controlling in care services made easy

Internal and external reporting is an important part of QM in care services and other social organisations. For this purpose, you need to obtain meaningful information from a large amount of data. But how can you collect, analyse and prepare relevant data without expert knowledge and programming effort in order to make well-founded decisions while complying with data protection regulations? The myneva reporting module provides you with all the functions you need for quality management, authorities or internal process optimisation.

Comprehensive data analysis and reporting

Create analyses quickly and benefit from integrated statistics across all of your company's key processes.

Data preparation for external reporting obligations

Establish a standardised, company-wide data model for QM or regulatory requirements.

Customised reports

Monitor and evaluate your performance, effectively and according to individually weighted parameters.

Intelligent data utilisation

Maintain an overview and gain valuable insights at the touch of a button – from quality control to financial management.

Strategic planning

myneva supports decision-making and helps with strategic planning and the improvement of care services.

Real-time analyses for real-time responses

Transparency right off the bat saves a lot of time and real-time data enables very early intervention, if necessary.

"An important prerequisite for successful implementation was the relevant nursing expertise, which acts as an important building block for the connection between medical and pedagogical documentation."

Barbara Schlosser

Head of Education, Caritas Vienna

"With myneva we have found the exact software service provider we were looking for, and we were and are grateful that the choice has been 100% confirmed."

Sabine Leihmlehner

Head of Communication, Heilstollen


Use your database effectively

Experience pinpoint reporting that utilises your database and provides you with new insights.

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Recognise drops in performance, minimise risks

Be warned well in advance if something isn't going according to plan in your organisation.

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Define and fulfill quality targets

With myneva, you can develop a quality-orientated vision and put your facility ahead of the competition.

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Be perfectly prepared for inspections

In the future, you can look forward to medical service inspections with peace of mind and crystal-clear reporting.

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Map diversity

Whether individual departments, branches or the entire organisation – you determine the scope of your reporting.

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