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Do you dream of having more time for your clients and less hassle with administrative processes? myneva makes it possible. Our software breaks down barriers between people and makes care easier for everyone involved.

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Care is complicated? Not with myneva

For those in need of care and for their relatives, a care situation is often associated with unpleasant circumstances. Losing one’s independence and having to rely on others or watching relatives end up in this situation is difficult. Carers, on the other hand, are confronted with completely different challenges. They act as carers out of passion but also have to work economically and comply with regulations – with increasing time pressure and resource bottlenecks. myneva takes the pressure out of care – with innovative software solutions that support carers and empower those in need of care.


Our mission

myneva develops outstanding care solutions that are easily accessible, understandable and user-friendly and therefore are deeply rooted in our mission: to make care a better place. We recognise that both caring and being cared for can be challenging. That's why we support carers, people in need of care and their relatives in their daily challenges in the care sector. Our mission is to support carers with first-class solutions and expertise that make their care work easier and simultaneously improve the quality of life of those in need of care.


Our values

At myneva, we pride ourselves on our integrity and unwavering values that serve as a compass for our work. Trust and openness, respect and tolerance are not just words, but the cornerstones of our corporate culture. They make us what we are: a responsible company that acts according to its beliefs, even when it is uncomfortable or difficult. Our values are the foundation on which we build our development as a company. They guide our decisions, characterise our corporate culture and are the key to our success.


Our corporate culture

At myneva, we believe in and build our success on each other. Our company culture has an atmosphere that values every view and celebrates differences. We are all unique and complement the big picture in wonderful distinctive ways that only we can. This diversity is our strength and drives innovation and creativity. Respect, integrity and honesty are the pillars of our daily interactions. We promote open communication, where everyone is encouraged to express their ideas and opinions freely. This culture of communication helps us grow together and become stronger as a team.

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