Software for digital documentation in care

Are you overwhelmed by all the data and losing track? Then it's time for myneva's documentation software, which allows you to complete your care documentation in minimum time. Make your day-to-day work easier and discover our comprehensive and user-friendly documentation functions.

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Intelligent workflows simplify documentation and document management

Do you recognise this situation? You're with a patient and receive important information, but unfortunately, you don't have access to the patient file from here. Or you safely filed the care report away, but now you can't find it. Or you're standing in for a colleague who is ill. Document management and documentation in nursing are two core processes that keep crucial information accessible and up-to-date. This is the only way to ensure continuous, high-quality care. myneva offers a wide range of functions that allow you to record, store and retrieve client information securely and centrally.

Documentation processes with guidance

The software application guides carers step-by-step through complex documentation processes with clear instructions.

Electronic patient records (EPR)

Create, manage and share electronic patient records that store all relevant information in one centralised location.

Mobile care documentation

Document client activities, progress and responses on a mobile device, even when on the move.

Access to documents for authorised personnel

The module enables seamless communication and information exchange between different carers and professionals.

Digitally organised document storage

With myneva, you can create, archive, update and distribute documents from all areas of social work in a time-saving manner.

Simple integration

Integrate myneva's documentation module seamlessly into other healthcare IT systems to facilitate data exchange.

"Our foundation has decided to start using myneva to better facilitate the documentation of the outpatient family support care services required by the cost bearers."

Nils Groß

Head of the Outpatient Services department Björn Schulz Foundation

"An important prerequisite for successful implementation was the relevant nursing expertise, which acts as an important building block for the connection between medical and pedagogical documentation."

Barbara Schlosser

Head of Education, Caritas Vienna

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Accurate and efficient documentation

Digital documentation significantly reduces the time spent by care staff as compared to manual documentation.


Accuracy and completeness of client data

The myneva software reduces the risk of errors in documentation and ensures that all relevant information is recorded.


Better client care

Make more informed decisions and improve the quality of your work with easy access to comprehensive patient data.

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Collaborate easily as a team

Align closely with each other for the benefit of your clients. myneva promotes collaboration between different healthcare professionals.

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Data protection and tracking

myneva supports you in complying with legal requirements, e.g. data protection, and enables better tracking of care interventions.

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