Scheduling in the care sector – without the headache

Anyone working in the social care sector has to do a lot of planning. What is the ideal route for outpatient care? Who will be working on the ward and when? How do I replace a sick nurse? Plan flexibly and in no time at all with the myneva solution for staff scheduling, rotas and route planning.

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myneva: Your route planner for care services

One of the biggest challenges in care planning is creating efficient and realistic rotas. As a care manager, you have to take into account the needs of the people in need of care as well as the availability and qualifications of the care staff. Planning must also be flexible enough to be able to react to short-term changes such as sick leave or unforeseen events. Sounds complicated? With myneva, the software for staff scheduling and route planning in the entire social care sector, it's easy.

Complex rotas created efficiently

myneva automatically takes into account factors such as employee qualifications, availability and statutory working time regulations.

Optimised staff scheduling

Increase the satisfaction of your employees by easily incorporating individual wishes and needs into the planning process.

Intuitive user interface

The planning tool is easy to understand and use, which is particularly beneficial in dynamic care environments.

Simple coordination of care assignments

Coordinate the work of your care staff, including scheduling and resource allocation.

Holiday and absence management

Cover your staffing needs by letting the tool handle the management of holiday requests, sick leave and other forms of absence.

Integrated calendar

Get an overview of all planned activities and care assignments via the integrated calendar.

"An important prerequisite for successful implementation was the relevant nursing expertise, which acts as an important building block for the connection between medical and pedagogical documentation."

Barbara Schlosser

Head of Education, Caritas Vienna

"With myneva we have found the exact software service provider we were looking for, and we were and are grateful that the choice has been 100% confirmed."

Sabine Leihmlehner

Head of Communication, Heilstollen

Group 29971

Optimal care efficiency

Find the balance between sufficient care and efficient staff deployment and minimise manual errors.

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Agility in daily care

Updates are made in real time. This allows you to react flexibly if route planning and staffing requirements change.


Strengthen employee loyalty

Transparent and fair work scheduling increases the satisfaction of care staff. This leads to lower staff turnover.

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Digital cost control

myneva scheduling software helps to reduce the costs associated with overtime work, absenteeism and inefficient scheduling practices.


High client satisfaction

With efficient scheduling, you can ensure that sufficient qualified staff are available to provide quality patient care.

Are you looking for hassle-free care planning? Let's talk about it! I'm happy to provide you with free and comprehensive advice.