Simple documentation in social work

Introducing people in challenging life situations to new perspectives – that’s a task with high responsibility. The software from myneva provides social organisations with exactly the right digital support to achieve this goal.

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Pioneering software for social services

Social services have great responsibility: through professional help and counselling, they help people improve their quality of life. Benefit from myneva software and organise your activities in social services more seamlessly, as social institutions such as addiction counselling or integration assistance often face limited financial resources and have to deal with complex bureaucratic processes. myneva software relieves you all-round in your daily tasks: from administration and documentation to billing.

Maintain an overview

myneva links all processes and areas of your institution or organisation with an interdisciplinary software solution.

Reduce workload

myneva helps you organise cases more efficiently, manage appointments and keep track of complex situations.

Reduce administrative workload

Track processes and store or retrieve information: with myneva you can reduce administrative and documentation workload.

Comply with regulations in the social sector

With the automatic myneva workflows, you no longer need to worry about legal regulations.

High quality of social work

myneva frees you up for strengthening interpersonal relationships and interventions.


"With myneva we have found the exact software service provider we were looking for, and we were and are grateful that the choice has been 100% confirmed."

Sabine Leihmlehner
Head of Communication, Heilstollen


Digital case file

Information about a client is available online to all authorised departments.

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Documentation with templates

Use stored templates such as reflection reports or development reports to record your daily work in a structured way.

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Built-in data protection

The software fulfils all data protection requirements within the sensitive area of social work.

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Efficient service billing

Based on any applicable laws and provider-specific requirements, you can store your service types in detail directly in the software.

I’m happy to advise you in a personal meeting on how myneva software can support your social organisation with documentation and other daily tasks.