Optimize your quality management process with myneva.iQM 

Discover myneva.iQM - The intuitive solution for efficient quality management. Easy integration with a modular structure and user-friendly operation.

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Improve the quality of care with myneva.iQM 

myneva.iQM has been specifically developed for the requirements of the health care and geriatric care sectors. This advanced, cloud-based quality management solution integrates seamlessly into existing care systems and offers intuitive operation. Whether you are concerned about adhering to care standards, optimizing work processes or improving care for patients and residents – myneva.IQM adapts to your needs. With easy-to-use features such as the drag-and-drop report builder and an effective action module, myneva.iQM allows you to focus more on providing essential care. Discover how myneva.iQM can make your quality management processes more efficient, transparent and patient-oriented, and thus enhance the quality of the care you provide


Intuitive solutions for better quality care

Discover myneva.iQM: Your solution for efficient quality management in the care sector. Ease of use, accurate documentation and improved process control help you meet the needs of the geriatric care and health care sectors, while simultaneously optimizing the care you provide for your patients.

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Core functions that make myneva.iQM indispensable 

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User-friendly interface

Intuitive navigation and clear structures for efficient working practices

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Flexible reporting

Individual reporting tools for precise evaluations and analyses.

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Efficient action management

Rapid acquisition and implementation of quality-enhancing measures.

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Modular and scalable configuration

Adapt myneva.iQM to the growing needs of your establishment in a flexible manner.

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Intuitive traffic light system for an overview of tasks

Clear, color-coded status indicators make it easy to prioritize and manage upcoming tasks.

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Benedict Delévièleuse

Establishment: BSH Betrieb für Sozialeinrichtungen Hagen gem. GmbH

“Our focus is on the practical application of quality management in everyday care and the integration of QM and digitalization in the teams under the direction of our employees. By using the myneva.iQM software, we have taken an important step towards a state-of-the-art quality management system, and we are confident that this will make a positive contribution to the continuous improvement of the quality of care in our company.”

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 Profitieren Sie von vielen Funktionen

Central document management

Organize and manage all documents centrally to ensure accessibility and timeliness.

Holistic action management

Manage all actions centrally for effective implementation and control.

Equipment and inventory management

Oversee and manage your equipment and inventory efficiently for maximum operational reliability.

Advanced training plans made easy

Coordinate training courses and seminars to enhance your team's expertise

Optimized complaint management

Effective processing and analysis of complaints and faults for continuous quality improvement.

QM control

Create custom reports by simply dragging and dropping to clearly display any desired system information.

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