myneva.menüplan - The management system for community caterers 

myneva.menüplan system utilizes individually combinable kitchen and housekeeping modules to control all sectors of communal catering facilities

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All of the catering processes are digitally mapped in over 20 modules to ensure enhanced efficiency 

The complex processes involved in social service catering operations are made easily accessible to all users thanks to myneva.menüplan. Whether it's designing menus, creating assortments for internal material requirements, or shopping for the required food. Food orders are transferred directly to production. When the meals have been distributed, it is also possible to offset them or take them into account for the Federal Participation Act (BTHG).. 

menüplan offers optimal support and prevents you from losing track of the profitability and efficiency required.  


All catering facilities (especially those in the social sector) are perfectly suited for the use of menüplan:

  • For retirement and care facilities
  • For senior residences
  • For integration assistance and facilities for the disabled and sheltered workshops
  • For meals on wheels In service organizations
  • For spa and rehabilitation facilities In school catering facilities
  • For central kitchens  and production kitchens
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The management system in the communal catering sector 

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Modular structure

Phased deployment with permanent expansion options

Layer 2-2

Tried-and-tested operation

Clear interfaces even for users with little PC experience

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Scalable and WEB-based ordering modules (for PC, tablet and mobile phone)

Quick to learn & operate

Layer 2 (2)

Wide range of interface options

Client administration, accounting, billing systems, payroll accounting (employee meals), POS cash registers, etc.

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Comprehensive and individual

The fields of inventory management, kitchen management and food ordering mapped in one application

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Günter Kindig

Head of Catering, Regens Wagner in Dillingen (BY)

“The modular design is a huge plus! New employees can be trained quickly. The introduction of this solution has enabled a huge reduction in our disposal costs.”

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Wide variety of food ordering systems

Web browser (tablet, PC), cell phone, tick-box menu, touch screen

Any number of portion sizes

For a wide variety of diners – crèche, kindergarten, school, adults, large, small, etc.

Dining hall output screen

Personal distribution of food using chip identification and a display screen


e.g. interfaces to all common client management systems

Individual menu - Layout

Free choice of menu display options via export function

Layer 2

Proof of food origin

Mandatory proof of origin (A) of food via menu

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myneva.menüplan utilizes individually combinable modules to control all sectors of communal catering facilities.